*Review* Hard As It Gets by Laura Kaye

Nick Rixey

Hard As It Gets by Laura Kaye  by Guest Reviewer Cindy Bonk

Nick Rixey is ex-Army Special Ops. He runs Hard Ink Tattoo Shop with his brother Jeremy, but lives daily with the physical pain & mental anguish with what happened in the desert of Afghanistan a little over a year ago.
Becca Merritt, the daughter of Rixey’s ex-commanding officer finds Nick after her brother disappears. Seeking Nick’s help to find him.
This is a story of hurt, healing, love, adventure, mystery, suspense, forgiveness and family.
Laura Kaye is an amazing writer that weaves a tale and brings to life a story so interesting that it easily transforms the reader into an extension of the characters.
I was so engrossed in this book that it truly felt like real life. I literally laughed out loud at parts, cried, was turned on, hopeful & even frightened at times. She writes in the third person so you are able to really understand what each character is feeling and thinking.
The book does not end in a cliffhanger, however, it is just the beginning of the mysteries that encircle the entire cast of characters.
The 2nd book Hard As You Can, available now, is a continuation of The Hard Ink series. Revolving around Shane McCallan, Nick Rixey’s ex-special ops brother.

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