*Blog Tour and Review* Behind His Eyes: Convicted the Missing Years by Aleatha Romig

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THE MISSING YEARS is the final piece to Aleatha Romig’s CONSEQUENCES SERIES puzzle. Follow the twists and turns as secrets are revealed, consequences are delivered, and the future is shown.

In CONVICTED we saw what happened that fateful afternoon at the Rawlings Estate. Now experience the shocking repercussions firsthand. More than a companion, this full-length novel fills in the gap of time that was only mentioned, beginning when Claire Nichols forgets and seen through the eyes of collective men (the HIS is plural).

In THE MISSING YEARS, readers will see Anthony Rawlings fight for what belongs to him and cope with the reality of his past. Watch as Harrison Baldwin discovers the truth that threatens his beliefs, and as John Vandersol comes to terms with his revelations. Witness Phillip Roach, as he decides with whom his loyalties lay, and Brent Simmons, as he demonstrates the meaning of friendship—no matter the cost.

As the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, BEHIND HIS EYES CONVICTED goes beyond. This final installment of the series offers a glimpse into the future of the lives that will forever be changed because there was a man who…

Once upon a time, signed a napkin that he knew was a contract. As an esteemed businessman, he forgot one very important rule—he forgot to read the fine print. It wasn’t an acquisition to own another person as he’d previously assumed. It was an agreement to acquire a soul.
—Aleatha Romig, CONVICTED

BEHIND HIS EYES CONVICTED also contains a complete glossary of characters and a timeline that covers the entire series. If you have read New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig’s CONSEQUENCES, TRUTH, and CONVICTED, you must learn the rest of the story: BEHIND HIS EYES CONVICTED: THE MISSING YEARS!

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Consequences Book 1 ~Truth Book 2 ~ Convicted Book 3

BHE Consequences ~ BHE Truth~  BHE Missing Years

blurb with cuffs (1)My Review

Behind His Eyes: Convicted-The Missing Years Absofreakinglutely BLEW ME AWAY! What a captivating read by Aleatha Romig that you just COULD. NOT. PUT. DOWN! This 3rd Companion Book for Consequences Series (which turned into a full length Novel) in the Consequences Series and was by far my most favorite hands down, no doubts about it. The journey through Consequences, Truth, Convicted and Now the Missing Years, is one you won’t forget and will most likely read again. Tony was the one who I really wanted to get inside of his head, his oh so beautiful mind, but we also heard from Harry, John, Brent and Phil. Seeing their perspectives of what was endured from Tony’s Legal Troubles to Claire Being Institutionalized was eye opening. Characters you don’t think have that much to do with the story in fact step into the limelight and open your eyes. Love isn’t finding a perfect person. It’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

This entire series had me gripping my seat. Aleatha did a fantastic job bringing all of the characters to light. The Connection between Tony and Claire as well as how every other person you meet during the Consequences stories fall into place. You find out what Meredith gained from talking with Claire. Through the boys, Harry, Phil, John and Tony you gain perspective on what Claire was going through when she was with Tony. The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers ~ M. Scott Peck

ConsequencesLove is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own and we saw this through this whole installment. The love that Tony and Claire shared was real, raw, undeniable and unattainable by anyone else. You could really see the hell, my bent, not broken lovely Tony went through to defend his true loves. You could finally feel the hurt, experience the anger, guilt and heartache Tony endured. Throughout the entire series, which I LOVED every single book, including the BHE companions I loved Tony, Loved to Hate to Love that Man. He always made sure everyone knew actions have consequences, but when you see Tony himself finally face his and you will finally understand his reasoning behind all the madness.

BHE Convicted- The Missing Years was a stunning conclusion to a mind-blowing, captivating series. Courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. That brave man is Tony Rawlings. That beautiful stunning, strong brave man, that many of you may hate but I promise will not after this is that brave man. He may be bent but he’s certainly not broken, and anything not broken can always be pieced back together. True love is never easy, but you overcome your fears and fight like hell to preserve it.

Thank you Aleatha for allowing us to feel and fall in love with Tony and Claires journey!
5+++++++++++ Stars for this one. I mean seriously there needs to be a bazillion stars to rate this book.
*Book was generously provided by the author for an honest review

not until Claire


Aleatha Romig is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, who has been voted #1 “New Author to Read” on Goodreads, July 2012 – Present.   Aleatha has lived most of her life in Indiana, growing-up in Mishawaka, graduating from Indiana University, and currently living south of Indianapolis. Together with her high-school sweetheart and husband of twenty seven years, they’ve raised three children. Before she became a full-time author, she worked days as a dental hygienist and spent her nights writing. Now, when she’s not imagining mind-blowing twists and turns, she likes to spend her time with her family and friends. Her pastimes include exercising, reading, and creating heroes/ anti-heroes who haunt your dreams!


Aleatha enjoys traveling, especially when there is a beach involved. In 2011 she had the opportunity to visit Sydney, Australia to visit her daughter studying at the University of Wollongong. Her dream is to travel to places in her novels and around the world.


CONSEQUENCES, her first novel, was released August 2011 by Xlibris Publishing. Then in October of 2012, Ms. Romig re-released CONSEQUENCES as an indie author. TRUTH, the sequel, was released October 30, 2012, and CONVICTED, the third in the series, was released October 8, 2013. Unexpectedly, the fourth book of the Consequences series came to life with Behind His Eyes Convicted: THE MISSING YEARS. It is the fourth full-length novel in the series. It explores the missing years in Convicted that previously were only mentioned as well as a complete character glossary and timeline. THE MISSING YEARS will be released May 20, 2014.


Aleatha also wrote reading companions for the Consequences Series. BEHIND HIS EYES CONSEQUENCES (Book 1.5) and BEHIND HIS EYES TRUTH (Book 2.5) are currently available for those time and scenes when the readers asked, “What was he thinking?” These companions also contain never before behind the scenes scenes.


Aleatha is a “Published Author’s Network” member of the Romance Writers of America and represented by Danielle Egan-Miller of Brown and Miller Literary Associates.

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