*Release Blitz* Lead by Kylie Scott

Lead Kylie Scott BANNER

Title: Lead (Stage Dive, #3)

Author: Kylie Scott

Publication Date: July 29, 2014

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin





Stay up all night with the sexy rockers in Stage Dive, the epic rock star romance series from New York Times bestselling author Kylie Scott, author of Lick and Play.

As the lead singer of Stage Dive, Jimmy is used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, whether it’s booze, drugs, or women. However, when a PR disaster serves as a wake-up call about his life and lands him in rehab, he finds himself with Lena, a new assistant to keep him out of trouble.

Lena’s not willing to take any crap from the sexy rocker and is determined to keep their relationship completely professional, despite their sizzling chemistry. But when Jimmy pushes her too far and Lena leaves, he realizes that he may just have lost the best thing that ever happened to him.


The Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott

Stage Dive Series

Lick (Stage Dive #1)

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Play (Stage Dive #2)

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Lead (Stage Dive, #3)

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Coming January 6th, 2015

Deep (Stage Dive #4)


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*Release Blitz* – Before You by Amber Hart


We’re so excited to celebrate the release of BEFORE YOU by Amber Hart from Kensington Teen! This multicultural romance has us swooning!


Before You revised


Some say love is deadly. Some say love is beautiful. I say it is both.

Faith Watters spent her junior year traveling the world, studying in exquisite places, before returning to Oviedo High School. From the outside her life is picture-perfect. Captain of the dance team. Popular. Happy. Too bad it’s all a lie.

It will haunt me. It will claim me. It will shatter me. And I don’t care.

Eighteen-year-old Diego Alvarez hates his new life in the States, but staying in Cuba is not an option. Covered in tattoos and scars, Diego doesn’t stand a chance of fitting in. Nor does he want to. His only concern is staying hidden from his past—a past, which if it were to surface, would cost him everything. Including his life.

At Oviedo High School, it seems that Faith Watters and Diego Alvarez do not belong together. But fate is as tricky as it is lovely. Freedom with no restraint is what they long for. What they get is something different entirely.

Love—it will ruin you and save you, both.

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*Blog Tour and Review* Redeeming Justice by Suzanne Halliday

RedeemingJustice 72dpi_eBook


Sometimes …Happily Ever After comes with a price

Alex Marquez wears many hats. Sometimes he’s the slightly patrician Don of a family with deep Spanish roots. Other times he’s a brilliant tech-God and CEO of an exclusive security agency. He’s also a boss, a musician, and a fierce friend. At the core though he’s a former Special Forces Commander, wounded in action, haunted by the heavy burdens of regret and what ifs that linger to this day. For him, personal redemption would never come. Too much darkness, not enough light.

 And then Meghan O’Brien swoops into his life. She’s a ball busting curvy goddess who instantly pushes all Alex’s buttons.

 When ghosts from the past threaten to destroy their relationship, Alex pushes her away. Meghan has a promising life ahead while his was blown to bits in a war zone. Hurt and bewildered, she comes to realize that loving Alex as she did was not a guarantee of an easy future. He had demons and if she took him on, those nightmares and the emotional aftermath were going to be coming along for the ride.

 Was the redemption Alex sought to be found in her arms? Would finding his soul through the love of another finally send the demons packing and lay the past to rest?



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4.5 out of 5 Stars!

From the very start I fell in love with the Justice Brothers in the first book with Cameron and Lucy, but I think Alex just stole my heart and RAN!   This series seriously just gets better and better and you cant help but become addicted to these boys.

Each Prologue starts the same, but from each brothers perspective of what happened.  In this third book we see Alex’s story.  The guilt Alex carries surrounding the bombing that nearly killed him and took many of his fellow soldiers as well as civilians weighs heavily on him.   In all the other books Alex was always the voice of reason, but his story is filled with so much pain and so much more emotion then the others.   My heart seriously hurt for him.

Meet the girl…. Meghan.   Meghan was Alex’s “pen pal” per se after the bombing.  They wrote letters back and forth and kept in contact after the accident.   She was engaged to one of the guys who passed away during the bombing and Alex was the one who wrote her about “The Kid”.    She is a straight forward girl, who is comparable to a shining light.  She pushes Alex’s limits but its only to help him through his grief.  Who knew that during these letters  back and forth that they would find a connection and start to  fall for each other.  But no relationship is ever all rainbows and unicorns is it?

Can Alex overcome the guilt and move on with his life?  Or will he let go, but never forget and let Meghan in and start living life again.  He makes a lot of mistakes along the way, more so then his brothers.   But has he made one too many and pushed so far that Meghan wants nothing to do with him?

I love that you catch up with the rest of the Justice Brothers throughout this book.   No one can forget Cam or Drae, these boys get into your heart and just stay put.   Stubborn men!  She does a great job with each character and I hope for more from Suzanne Halliday!


Book One in the Justice Brothers Series is on sale:

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*Blog Tour and Review* The Runaway Viper by Kirsty-Anne Still

Title: The Runaway Viper
Series: The Viper Series #2
Author: Kirsty-Anne Still
Release Date: July 6, 2014
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Having already broken rule number of Clara Delvine’s rules by falling in love with one of her clients, Joely Gilbert knows she is past the point of no return. After defying all of the orders Delvine lives by, Joely believes becoming the first runaway Viper Girl is all too good to be true.

However, remaining uncaught for months, Jace Mason gives Joely the life she’s been searching for – the man she wants, the house she dreamt of, the love she cherishes.

But how long can you outrun the devil when she’s after blood?

After all, Delvine never loses a girl, and she’ll do anything to make sure she has Joely back to finish her contractual obligations.

What happens when Joely’s left with the biggest decision of her life, the decision that was always hers to make – kill her heart or kill the man she loves.

Clara will make sure Joely never strays from The Viper Rooms – ever again.

But can The Boss tame a runaway viper?


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ReviewReviewed by Shera – 4 out of 5 Stars

HAWT sex, Suspense, love, drama, ANGST… All things needed for an awesome book all wrapped and tied up in a nice shiny bow!!

Saturdays at the Viper Rooms is a must read before you get into The Runaway Viper! Saturdays left us with a little bit of a cliffy, grasping the seat waiting for The Runaway Viper and oh my did Kirsty-Anne take us on a Runaway freight train with this one!!

“Jace saved me before, and now it’s my turn – I won’t be giving up easily.”

Jace and Joely are on the run from Clara Delvine who runs the Viper Room.   She broke the golden rule, never EVER get involved with a customer, let alone fall in love with one.  But seriously, how could you NOT fall in love with Jace!! Let’s be honest he is H O T !

Clara is an evil wench and refuses to let any of her girls go. Once you’re under contract, you’re not going anywhere, EVER!  She’s manipulative, conniving and just an evil bish!  Jace and Joely devise a plan to get out of there, but Clara is always one step ahead of them.

“I don’t have to obey her every whim. I will stare her down and disobey. This is not like it was before. This is like the beginning of a rebellion, and I want to see Clara Delvine try and stop the anarchy.”

Jace’s love for Joely is strong, unrelenting and unbreakable.  We all want love like that and it’s a true gem if you find it.  He will do whatever it takes to get Joley away from the Viper Room and keep her away permanetly.  He’s willing to give up anything and everything, but so is Joely and she may just have to give up the one thing they are running for….Freedom in order to save Jace’s life.

“My eyes are watering as I hear the conviction laced upon every note in his tone. How can a man love me so fiercely that he will fight with every fiber of his being to make sure I am never lost from his life?”

Will Clara get her claws into Joely and Jace or will they finally break free from her evil grip?   Or will she sink her daggers right back into Joely after she escaped once, twice may be unlikely.  What happens to those left behind, do they take the punishment for Joely escape?  You will have to sink your teeth into this series to find out.  I refuse to give too much away, you have to read to find out what goes on in the Viper Rooms!

The characters in the series are deep, you can easily relate and connect to each and every one of them.  The rollercoaster ride Kirsty-Anne takes you on will have your stomach doing flip flops.  Your emotions will be tested, you’ll be confused and certainly drained.  But I guarantee you will be wanting MORE!!!   Keep on writing Kirsty-Anne.  Well done!

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*Blog Tour and Review* STrawy by Natasha Stories

stray blog tour banner


Erin Timms took a new job as a veterinarian in Sunshine, Colorado for two important reasons: to get away from her ex, and to give herself a chance at a new life. But when devastating news of her ex follows her there, she begins to think she has made a terrible mistake.

Tall, stunning-looking Jon Miles had only one goal: to save the mountain canyon where Sunshine is located from businessmen who want to exploit it. But how can he do that when he is already an outcast?

There was nothing to suggest they’d ever meet, much less strike a spark of red-hot romance. Except that Erin can never turn away a stray. . .



.Heather’s Review  – 4 out of 5 Stars!

Let me start off by saying that I love animals and I love books. With that being said, I knew I would like this book.

Erin Timms is starting a new life in a small town. Her ex-boyfriend that she supported through medical school broke up with her when he graduated. Later, she found out that he cheated on her with one of her so-called friends. She ends up moving from Dallas, TX to Sunshine, Colorado to see if small-town life is better for her. Erin started working with the local vet in hopes that when he retired she would take over and buy his practice.

Jon Miles is in Sunshine, CO on business. He is currently dating Ashleigh, who is the daughter of the CEO of a resort in town. He is trying to save the small town from the resort overtaking it, and will do anything to make sure there is no more damage to the canyon.

One Friday night right after the vet closed for the night, there was banging on the front door by a man holding a dog who is obviously hurt. Not being able to turn them away Erin opened the door and let them in. John Miles explained that the Golden Retriever had been hit by a car and that the dog didn’t belong to him. He doesn’t mention that Ashleigh is the one who hit the dog and told him that she wished she would have killed the mangy dog when she hit him. Thank goodness Jon is an animal lover and did everything in his power to help the dog they call Max, including pay for all of the medical expenses. They have an instant attraction, but Erin will not give him the time of day since she knows he has a girlfriend.

With fighting the new resort, Erin helps Jon gain the trust of some of the shareholders, but will it be enough? Since Jon has obvious feelings for Erin, he continues to pursue her, but with her own past of being cheated on, she does not want to get involved.  Between all of this is a beautiful love story. Erin is so afraid to trust Jon but she just can’t help it and falls in love with him. They both learned some lessons along the way but most importantly, they learned to believe in each other.

There were some hot sex scenes in this book so I would recommend 18 and over. I will be recommending this book to a lot of people I know that love dogs. Max brought Erin and Jon together.

I also want to say that I love that even though Erin and Jon were just friends at the time, Jon was so sure they would be together that he had her help him pick his house and furniture so that she and Max would like it and feel comfortable there. To me, that’s the stuff that matters. Caring about the other person enough to want to do anything to make them happy. This was a great read. This was my first book by Natasha Stories. I will be looking into her other books now.





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*Cover Reveal* Embracing the Fall by Lainey Reese


Cami and Ziporah are two girls that couldn’t be more different if they tried. They met as college roommates, forging a friendship that became a lifeline when tragedy struck.

Now as Cami opens herself to reclaim her sexuality, including the possibility that she is a sexual submissive, her fear of the unknown threatens to keep her chained by the past forever.

Ziporah has always been Cami’s champion, reassurer, her safe place, and she is determined to take this erotic journey side by side with her. What starts out as supporting a friend just may end up showing Z that she and Cami may not be so different after all.

When Evan moved to New York City on business, the last thing he expected was to have two untrained subs on his hands. Each woman appeals to him in different ways. They pull at his emotions with their vulnerability and challenge his Dominance with their spunk and wit. Evan never dreamt that as he taught their bodies to submit, his heart would be brought to submission by theirs.

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I write books that have very dominant men in them.  The men in my books are fierce and controlling in the bedroom and overbearing and protective out of it.  And the women never have anything to fear because the men would throw themselves in front of a bus before they’d let anything hurt their ladies..including themselves.  I write fiction.  In real life we need to be way more careful and choosey than my heroines are.  Never give up your power or your body to anyone unless you have all the groundwork of safe words and real solid trust in place.  Safe words are non-negotiable- No safe word?  No way.

Now, as for me. I live in a tiny little place called Lake Stevens with my daughter, and our many pets.  I’m an animal lover.  Yup it’s true.  I am one of those people who lets the dog on the couch and has cat hair on her sweaters.

I’ve dreamed of writing since I was twelve and after the reception my first novel received I am kicking myself for not following that dream sooner.  Since my first novel A Table for Three came out I have been a changed person.  My childhood dream has come true and every day away from my computer feels like a waste.  With the release of Damaged Goods I took a leap of faith and left the day job behind.  Every day is a crazy adventure of second guessing my decision and wallowing in the joyful realization that “I don’t have to go to work today!”  A realization that I have NEVER had for longer than a week in my entire adult life.

Fate has smiled on me and I am now a full time author!  My dreams are becoming a reality and I have you to thank.  Thank you all for reading and reviewing (those reviews really make a difference).  I hope that this is the start of a long and fabulous life together…you and me…I’ll write and you read and together we’ll make the world a steamy wonderful place!


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*Blog Tour and Review* Boots Optional and Betting on Grace by Nicole Edwards!!

Boots Optional Cover Front itunes



Note: This novella was originally featured in the Some Like It Hot Anthology. Although this story has not changed, this novella contains a bonus scene, along with an excerpt from Betting on Grace, DHR #1.

New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards is heating things up with Boots Optional, a sexy new ménage novella which is the first book in a hot new series called Dead Heat Ranch. Grace Lambert is familiar with hard work, long days, and handsome cowboys. She’s been working for her family’s dude ranch since she was old enough to ride a horse and she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. What she is afraid of is the heat that’s been generating between her and not one, but two sexy cowboys who’ve set their sights on her. And each other.

Grant Kingsley and Lane Miller have both had their eyes on Gracie for years, but the feisty cowgirl has managed to keep them at bay. As far as they are concerned, cowboys don’t give up, and neither of them is ready to give up just yet. Not on her and not on the heat that transpires between the two of them.

Find out what happens when the sultry Texas nights get as hot as the fierce Texas days.


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Shera’s Review of Boots Optional

5 out of 5 Hot M/M M/M/F STARS!!!!

I’ll start off by saying, I’ve never liked cowboy stories, BUT Grace, Grant and Lane have wrangled me like a wild horse and tied me up, leaving me wanting More, More, MORE!!!! I do believe I just got turned into a true Cowboy lover forever for sure!!!!

Grace lives on Dead Heat Ranch and is one of 5 sisters of the ranch owner.  She’s beautiful, smart, funny and she’s a Cowgirl  (you know they are all sexy).  I love her attitude, spunk and her FIRE.  Let’s not forget her foul mouth, love that too!  That girl takes no crap from anyone, especially these boys.  She is my kinda gal for sure.  She has no interest in these boys…. Or does she?

“ Not interested in what your sellin cowboy”

Grant Kingsley….Oh Hot sexy Grant.  Can you give me a shopping list like that?   I will SURELY deliver it to you.  He’s been on the ranch since he was 19 years old and has changed in so many ways.  Grant loves the females, but he’s also got an attraction to males….ONE in particular, Lane……

Lane Miller is the best Wrangler on the ranch.  He is funny and totally NOT afraid to say whats on his mind OR what he wants for that matter.  He is funny, sexy and he has wanted Grant for a LONG Time.

“Such dirty words for such a pretty girl. “Lane whispered, his voice dangerously close to seductive”

They want each other AND they want Gracie, is this a Problem or is it the perfect concoction??  I will go with the perfect Grace, Grant and Lane Smore’s Sandwich.  YUM!!!    They are determined to have it all, all three of them together and boy does when it happens…. Douse me with water because it was HAWWWWWTTT.   Like I need a pair of cowgirl boots, NOW!!!!

“Sorry.  You can leave ‘em on if you want.  Boots are Optional” 

I love the banter that goes on between the three of them and Grace with her sisters.  This book is SMOOOOKIN hot.  I can’t wait for Betting On Grace.  It’s not coming out soon enough because I need to know more about these three and at the very end, Nicole Edwards sets you up for Mercy and Cody!!

  Mercy is Grace’s sister and I have a feeling that story is going to be interesting and I really hope we get it!!   A little snippit from Mercy and Cody, that makes you KNOW their story will be just as hot …  “  Yep, She was pretty damned sure that she’d found something she never, not in her wildest dreams, expected to find on this ranch….Her Kryptonite”

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