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There is no greater burden than a secret, and Kari Stanley has been carrying one alone for a long time. But fate intervenes in the form of a broken down car and the kind offer of assistance from a handsome stranger with a sweet, southern drawl. In exchange, all she has to do is go to dinner with him. Temptation was never so sweet.

Max Quinn has secrets of his own. His good deeds aren’t just a product of his southern upbringing; they’re his atonement. As one dinner turns into two, he realizes that Kari just might be his salvation.

As they struggle to find their path together, their secrets weigh heavier on them. Will they be able to trust one another with the truth, or will their secrets keep them apart forever?

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reviewShera’s 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ Review

Adriana Locke first came on the scene and totally caught my attention with the cover of The Exception.  It was love at first sight right then and there!  Then when I read the book and met Cane and Jada, it turned into so much more than a beautiful cover.  It was a beautiful story and she totally captured me with her words.   It was no Exception that my Perception of this new emerging author was that she would be one to watch.  I knew she would without a doubt continue to deliver exceptional stories and she has with Max and Kari’s story, The Perception!

We first got a glimpse of these two in The Exception.  While you were busy falling head over heels for cocky Cane, Max as lurking in the background.  So proper, sweet and nothing like Cane.  Making his character known, leaving us wanting to know more about him at the end of The Exception!

Kari is one of those girls that will make you see everything but the hurt she feels.  Her past is jaded, she is hurting on the inside and the torment keeps herself from fulling giving herself to Max.  She is so very strong, smart and witty.  You can’t help but love everything about who she is.

Max continues on with that sweet sexy southern charm.  He is such a gentlemen, so sweet, caring and loving.   He is very close with his family, but like Kari, Max has a past too.  Little does he know, that someone from his past comes very much front and center into his present is all but what it seems.  One thing is for certain, Max is very much in love with Kari.  She is the center of his world, the only one he wants…   She is all he needs.  If only she would let go of whatever is holding her back.

“Whatever made you so scared, whatever else in going on in there… I wish you’d let go.  I wish you’d tell me your secrets.  You don’t have to be strong and keep shit to yourself, let me help”

Will Kari finally give herself fully to Max?  Can love really conquer all?  Will circumstances from the past and even those still in the present hold them back or even tear them apart?

This book seriously had it all.   Love, Drama and some seriously HOT chemistry.  From the post-it notes,  that will make you swoon, to the banter between these two that will make you giggle and the hot sex that will make you need a fan, this book was just perfect.  Adriana Locke is certainly an author you will want to check out.  You cant help but fall in love with her characters and her writing!  This is a must read!

“Life is all about the way you look at it.  The same situation, can look completely different if you change your perception”

*Copy provided for Honest Review-   Shera – Book Lovers Obsession

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Kristin’s 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ Review

We met Kari and Max in Adriana’s first book, The Exception. This is their story and what an exceptional story it is!

If you read The Exception, you know that Jada, Kari’s sister, has her own sorted past, but in The Perception we learn that Kari is not the happy go lucky girl she tries to portray. I loved seeing more to Kari – getting to know what happened to her in the past and what she struggles with as far as the future goes. Kari is one incredibly strong woman and I give major props to Adriana for writing such a strong female lead. I loved that Kari wasn’t a push over that followed orders like a good girl. I enjoyed the banter between Kari and Max as well as Kari and Cane.

Max….oh Max. *Swoon*! Max is a southern gentleman through and through. Every time he calls Kari “sweetheart” I swoon! He is kind, caring, and not afraid to show love to those important to him. While his “dark secrets” are a little less about him and more about another character, Sam (don’t even get me started on her!), he still harbors a great amount of guilt about the past. Watching him work to get over that past and move towards the future that he wants and deserves with Kari was awesome! Oh and the post-it notes Max leaves….HOW SWEET!!

“Sweetheart, you and me, we’re permanent.”

You do get to see a little bit of Jada and Cane in the book as well which is always nice! I wish we had seen more and I am still holding out for a follow-up book! *wink wink Adriana!* This was an amazing book by an amazing author! I definitely recommend this book!!




excerptMy office was bright and I wasn’t in the mood. I rolled my blinds down and sat in my chair. I checked my email before anything else.

I couldn’t help the grin on my face as I clicked the top message.


Subject:        Red

            Since I know you check this first thing because you’re OCD, I wanted to start your day off by telling you that I’m wearing something red today. And it isn’t my shoes, although I could add my red heels to the mix later. 😉




It wasn’t the first time she had emailed me in the morning and I loved it when she did. I clicked the arrow.


            Subject:        Blue

            Since you just planted vivid images in my mind, I want you to know that because of your email, I’m starting the day off with something blue and it isn’t my shirt. Your skills will be required to rectify this situation this evening. Stay at my house tonight?


A few minutes went by before I heard the ping.


Subject:        Pink

            Only if rectifying your blue requires the use of some of my pink.


I hit REPLY.


Subject:        Purple

            Keep it up, sweetheart, and you’re going to be fucked so hard you’ll be purple tomorrow. This is not a request—be at my house after work.


meetauthor Adriana Locke lives and breathes books. After years of slightly obsessive relationships with the flawed bad boys created by other authors, she has created her own.

Adriana lives in the Midwest with her family. She spends a large amount of time playing with her kids, drinking coffee, and cooking. Her favorite things include sunshine, candy, and random quotes.

She loves to hear from readers! Find her at the following social media sites:

sociallinksFacebook  / Facebook Group / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest / Website


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