*Sale Blitz* Handle with Care by Kristine Cayne

HandleWithCare_Final_WebHandle with Care is on sale for 2 days only!! 3/30/15 – 3/31/15. One click your copy now!!


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A firefighter and his submissive wife face potentially life-threatening issues on their journey deeper into the world of BDSM.

Following a long-delayed honeymoon that saved their crumbling marriage, firefighter Dom Jamie Caldwell couldn’t be happier with how his wife and submissive is taking to the lifestyle. But when a scene triggers a bad reaction and Erica doesn’t use her safe word, Jamie wonders just how solid their bond truly is.

Erica is over the moon with her new relationship with her husband. Just months ago, they’d been on the verge of divorce, but now the future is bright—all thanks to the trust and honesty they’ve forged through BDSM. Everything they do is new and exciting… until it isn’t. And neither one knows how to move forward after Erica’s body betrays her.

When a medical condition turns everything they know upside down, can Jamie and Erica find a way to strengthen their fragile connection?



Lying naked across Jamie’s lap, Erica curled her hands into fists, bringing the cuffs that bound her wrists into stark relief. She struggled to suppress the quivers that wracked her shoulders in anticipation of Jamie’s spanking. “Please, Sir,” she begged.

Jamie chuckled and ran his hand over her hungry flesh. “Remember what I said about topping from the bottom?”

“Sorry, Sir. I just really—”

Shoot. She was doing it again. Snapping her mouth shut, she forced herself to relax her fists and kept her eyes on the carpet. When a few light taps landed on her butt, she sighed in relief. Jamie always started this way.

“You just what?” his voice was soft, curious.

“I need it. So badly.”

Against her hip, she felt Jamie’s growing erection. She pressed into it, wanting his pleasure as much as her own.

“I have a present for you,” he said.

Instantly on alert, she turned her head to see his face. Jamie’s presents were usually new toys to add to their growing collection. He reached into his toy bag and pulled out a serious-looking paddle. It was about fifteen inches long and had holes in the head. “This is a discipline paddle.”

“Thank you, Sir.” She allowed her mouth to curve into a grin. “I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.”

“No you won’t.” He smacked her hard. Heat enveloped her left butt cheek. She yelped, her back arching to pull her bottom as far away from the paddle as she could. “But I will,” he added, and she could hear the sadistic amusement in his voice.



In reading order:


Under His Command

Everything Bared

Handle With Care


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