*Blog Tour and Review* The Gentleman Mentor by Kendall Ryan



Release Date: May 5, 2015
Fit, masculine, educated male, late-20’s.
Discreet and forthcoming.
Under my direction and guidance women learn seduction techniques, how to achieve climax with and
without a partner, explore physical gratification, and more.
Dominant, but don’t be scared, kitten, I’m not into pain.
Do not be misled. I am pure mischief. But I’m the best kind of trouble.
So, what do you say? Do you feel like being naughty?
If you’re ready to reach new levels of pleasure, contact me at @thedominantgentleman Serious inquires only.

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“If you’re ready to reach new levels of pleasure, contact me at @thedominantgentleman Serious inquiries only.”

Click, Click, Type – SEND.   Yes, my inquiry is in!   The synopsis of this book has you lusting after The Gentleman Mentor and you haven’t even met him yet. Just when I think I can’t possibly love Kendall Ryan any more she hits with me The Gentleman Mentor.  HOLY ISH HOT.  I needed a fan through this entire book and my heart was beating a mile a minute with pure lust.

 “Sweetheart?” I say, and her gaze darts up to mine. “I said no names.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.” She swallows down her nerves. “But what should I call you?”

“You may call me Dom.”

Our gazes connect, and a flash of desire pools low in my spine. F*cking hell. This should be interesting.”

Our no name man is The Gentleman Mentor by night, working as a senior law associate by day and holds a membership to Crave, which is a sensual BDSM Club.  He prefers flesh on flesh this hand connecting with hot searing flesh is better than any instrument he could ever use. He is smart, sexy and very dominate.  So insanely hot and you can’t help just want to fall at his feet and do whatever he asks of you.

Brielle is a very inexperienced woman seeking help.  Sucking it up and finally contacting the Gentleman Mentor, she wants to learn seduction skills and how to be the perfect partner for Kirby, a male friend she’s been attracted to for quite some time.   She fails to see just how beautiful she is and lacks self confidence.

When they meet, they are instantly attracted to one another.  He explains how the process works, his rules and what she must provide in order to ensure safety.  Once she complies it’s time for her lessons.  The chemistry between these two is undeniable.  It doesn’t take her long to figure out what exactly she craves.  She’s the perfect student.  He’s the perfect teacher, but teachers don’t fall for students….Or do they?

One thing she didn’t want was to fall, she promised herself it wasn’t going to happen.  One thing he didn’t want was to fall.  Yet neither can deny the insane attraction between them.   What started off as a business agreement is quickly turning into so much more.  The heart wants what the heart wants…

Will he continue his ways and not let anyone in….Continue to be The Gentleman Mentor?  Or will he for once, let his walls come falling down when the connection these two had before they even started is revealed?

This is another pure bundle of perfection from Kendall Ryan.  You cannot help but love her characters and connect with them. This book has all the feels.  You will laugh, cry and be hurt.   You will fall in love with two people who are so different than one another, yet unknowingly the same.  This Gentleman can Mentor me anytime!  5 Stars Kendall!

Copy provided for Honest Review –  Shera


A therapist would have a field day analyzing my work mentoring needy women. Yet tonight was something else entirely. What I just shared with Brielle is unlike anything I’ve done before. It wasn’t just mentoring; it was more. I lose myself when I’m with her, and it fucking terrifies me.


As I rise from the bed, awareness burns inside me that I’ve never fallen asleep at a client’s house. Usually I can’t get out of there fast enough, wanting a hot shower and the comfort of my own bed.

Yet right now, I can still smell Brielle’s scent on my fingers, and I don’t even want to wash my damn hands. She’s marked me, and I know it isn’t something I can simply wash away. My hands, hanging limp at my sides, already miss the feel of her, and my mouth yearns for the taste of her. My pulse pounds in my ears as I try to figure out what this all means.


Kendall Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance novels, including Hard to Love, Unravel Me, Resisting Her and When I Break.

She’s a sassy, yet polite Midwestern girl with a deep love of books, and a slight addiction to lipgloss. She lives in Minneapolis with her adorable husband and two baby sons, and enjoys hiking, being active, and reading.

Visit her at her website for the latest book news, and fun extras

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