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Title: Chasing Rainbows
Author: Linda Oaks
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

chasing rainbows


When Addison Hayes world was turned upside down, she found herself spiraling into a darkness that not even her two best friends were aware of.
With the start of her senior year, Addie finds herself entangled in a twisted game with brothers, Chase and Chance Logan, which leaves her feeling lost and confused.
But sometimes out of complete chaos arises a blindingly blessed insight.
That insight goes by the name of Jake Riley.
Jake doesn’t scare easily. No matter how hard Addie tries to push him away.
Will Addie lose herself in the darkness or will she be brave enough to set herself free?


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Nosey Snoop

“Only good times tonight, Addie girl,” Kara promised with a broad smile and a mischievous look in her eyes. She grabbed my hand and pulled me along behind her toward the building. Her blue tank top was exactly the same shade as the cloudless sky and it matched her eyes perfectly. She was rushing me, and I suddenly remembered I’d forgotten to lock my door, so I twisted around and aimed my key fob at the car until I heard the horn beep.
“Why are we in such a hurry?” I asked, as she walked around the corner of the building and came to a dead stop in front of apartment number 107.
“Don’t be mad,” she begged as she slid her key into the lock and turned.
“What are you talking about?” I asked. This was going to be bad. Any time, Kara asked me not to be mad; I usually ended up pissed as hell at her.
“Last week, Devon got a new roommate.” She didn’t have to tell me who it was, I already knew.
“Let me guess,” I said, tapping my finger against my lips as if I were thinking and watched her smile grow even wider.
“I swear, it wasn’t on purpose, Addie. I really thought the two of you would hit it off.” She pushed open the door and thankfully from the quietness that greeted us, it appeared no one else was at home. “Chill out, he’s at the shop with Devon. He was asking about you, though. I do believe he’s smitten.”
“Shut up! You and your Regency romances,” I said, laughing at her. I didn’t really want to hear it. Jake liking me was the last thing that I needed right now. I walked past her, dropped my backpack on the floor and flopped down on the couch where I immediately sank down and grav itated to the middle. The springs were broken. The place was messy, but I’d expected worse. It actually wasn’t too bad for two single guys. I’d always thought it kind of small, but the rent was dirt cheap. The kitchen sat off to the side. Everything was open. Kara pointed at the closed door behind the couch, and I twisted around in my seat to watch her. I knew the first room was Devon’s then there was a bathroom in between, and the n another room.

The last time I’d visited, Devon had a set of drums sat up in the other bedroom and a carburetor had lain torn apart and scattered across the floor.
“That’s Jake’s,” she said, walking toward the closed door. “Let’s look in his room.”
“No!” I shrieked. “Are you crazy? He could come in and catch us.”
“No, he won’t,” she insisted, smiling back at me and wiggling her eyebrows. “Come on, Addie. Live a little. It’s your birthday.” She already had the door open by the time I got up from the couch and walked around to join her. There was no stopping Kara once she got an idea in her head. “He’s a neat freak,” she declared in a shocked voice, and I stared around the small cramped space of his bedroom thinking she was nuts.
“No, he’s not,” I denied. He wasn’t a neat freak; at least not by my standards.
A single black blind covered the narrow window in the room. His bed was unmade. The blankets and sheets twisted. An unwanted image popped into my mind and immediately, I stopped myself before I could even go there. His mattress and box springs sat on the floor along with the clothes he’d worn the night before. I could feel my face growing warm, and I hoped Kara didn’t notice.
Jake wore boxers!
There were a couple of boxes that still nee ded to be unpacked, and they sat beside the makeshift bed. It seemed as if he’d been using them for a nightstand since there was some loose change, receipt s, and a half empty bottle of forgotten beer. In the far corner, a guitar leaned against the wall. It looked like a Fender.
“Honey, I’m home!” Devon cried out, laughing. I spun around in time to see him and Jake walk into the apartment. Jake’s gaze met mine then slid to his opened bedroom door, and he raised one eyebrow. A lazy smile slid over his features, and his eyes traveled over every singl e inch of my body. He paused his inspection at my face, which I knew was beet red.
“Addie, wanted to see your room, Jake,” Kara said, and I gasped and sputtered at her outrageous lie, but nothing sensible came from my mouth.
Thank you, Kara. Now, he thinks I’m a nosey snoop.
Jake’s grin widened as if he were pleased by that tiny little snippet of information. He was dirty with grease smeared on his jeans. His hands and his forearms were almost b lack; the color of soot. A dark smudge lined his cheek and made his cobalt blue eyes seem even bluer.

I stood there beside my best friend — the one I currently wanted to kill — with my mouth hanging wide open. Kara deserted me and walked toward Devon. She stood up on her tiptoes to place a kiss against his dirty cheek.
I was frozen in place as Jake walked toward me; his hips rolling with an easy gait, reminding me of lazy afternoons tanning beneath the warm summe r sun. Even filthy, he was beautiful. “You snooping in my room?” He asked with a cocky smile that made my heart skip a beat. His expression was smug.
At his words, my mouth fell open. Was he flirting with me? Being this close to him and that expression on his face made my stomach flutter. I started to break out in a cold sweat. “Uh,” I sputtered, feeling my face heat.
Get a hold of yourself, Addie. He’s just another guy.
“Of course, not,” I replied, and watched as his grin grew even wider as he studied my face.
“You sure about that?” He asked playfully, arching a dark eyebrow at me.
Crossing my arms over my chest, his eyes momentarily followed my movement then flicked back to my face. He was checking me out. “Yes,” I replied my voice stiff as I tried to act offended. “Why would I snoop in your room? You’re just being silly.”
A wicked gleam entered his eyes and suddenly, I came to my senses and stepped aside so he could enter his room. Duh, I’d been blocking his door. His was so close. I only had to reach out and touch him, but I didn’t.
“Addie,” he said, and I glanced up meeting his eyes. The gravelly sound of his husky voice sent chills racing down my spine. “You’re welcome to visit my room anytime, now that you’re legal.”
When he brushed past me, we almost touched, and I noticed then that Kara and Devon were standing there watching us, both of them wearing silly grins.



Linda OaksPhoto by Allene’s Photography

Linda Oaks has always had a passion for books. At the age of five, she was a book of the month club member. Her love for books eventually led her to a love of writing. She resides in Eastern Kentucky with her husband, two children, three dogs and a pet rabbit named Dozer. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Wattpad and Instagram. She can be also be reached by mail at authorlindaoaks@gmail.com. She loves connecting with her readers.

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