*Cover Reveal* Love Needs Another Chance by Caleigh Hernandez

Love Needs Another Chance by Caleigh Hernandez

Love Needs Another Chance
Truth About Love Series, Book 3
Romance Erotica / Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 7, 2015

Love Needs Another Chance by Caleigh Hernandez

synopsisOne night. One decision. Our lives forever altered…

Everything was perfect. Everything was new. I was the luckiest man alive.

Until I wasn’t.

Fate punished me for the choices I made. It stole something precious from us when I wasn’t around to protect it. Izzy was lost in her sadness. I was useless to help her. And even though we made it through, fate wasn’t done with us yet.

One night. One decision. My world fell out from underneath me.

Our love once took her breath away. Then, it turned with twisted fates. I’ll stop at nothing to prove to Izzy that our love needs another chance.



Author Caleigh Hernandez

Caleigh Hernandez is a not-so-perfect mom of 2 beautiful daughters, a terrible housekeeper, and sometimes, a doting wife. A few years ago, she decided to take life by the horns and throw caution to the wind. She went back to school, earning a degree in Web & Multimedia Design where her long-time passion for writing was reignited with a creative writing class. It was during her final term when she conceived a story she just had to tell.

When not buried in the ridiculousness of every day life, you can find Caleigh curled up with her Kindle devouring a book, watching crime dramas (she’s obsessed), screaming at the TV while watching her SJ Sharks, Oakland Raiders or Oakland A’s, getting cozy with a good superhero flick, or getting her adrenaline fix on a roller coaster. She hates cleaning and loathes laundry. She’s a shoe whore that lives in flip flops and loves to be barefoot.

In the immortal words of her husband, “Caleigh Hernandez is a bad ass bitch.”

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Caleigh Hernandez

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