*Release Blitz / Review* Guided by Faith by Amanda Lanclos

27410943synopsisKarlee Reynolds never knew that life could be as rewarding as it was for her in the beginning. At the age of twenty-six Karlee was going to get married, have a family and then in the blink of an eye everything was gone. Her fiancé Timothy was hit head on by a drunk driver and died at the scene. Karlee never imagined that she would have been left so broken and alone.

Elijah Harris was your typical human being, trying to do the right thing. He always put God first in everything, even his career as a Firefighter. One day that all changed for him when he wasn’t able to save someone who needed it. His faith in God is tested when he is left with the guilt of someone’s death upon his shoulders. How do you live with yourself knowing you couldn’t save someone?

As Karlee and Elijah’s paths cross, both will have their faith tested. What do you do when the one person who can save you, is the one person who reminds you of everything that was lost?



review5 out of 5 stars ~ Review by Kristin

Oh where to begin? I need to give a little back story about me in order to help you understand where my thoughts were with this book. My brother died in 2008 in a motorcycle accident while serving with the US Navy, his best friend was killed in Afghanistan in 2012. To say that my faith in God is faint would likely be an understatement. Amanda and I have had several conversations about this and I absolutely appreciate more than I can say that this girl is ALWAYS there to talk to and NEVER judges me or my thoughts. Guided by Faith is a book that brought more self reflection that I had been expecting.

Elijah Harris is a man of God and a fire fighter. Like most fire fighters, he sees his role in life as the one who saves others. Whether that is saving your dog from a barn fire, your cat from a tree, or as many of your belongings as possible when your kitchen starts on fire. One night will change the course of Eli’s life forever. He will learn that he can’t save everyone all of the time. This lesson causes Eli to question his faith and question everything he was raised to know and believe. Believing he has no other choice, Eli leaves home to find himself.

Karlee Reynolds is a young woman with her whole life ahead of her. She is engaged to the man she loves and plans to spend her life happily married, raising children of God with this man. One night will change the course of Karlee’s life forever. Her fiance, Timothy, is in car accident and emergency crews were unable to save him.

When Karlee meet Eli she knows that he has lost himself and she can’t help but try to help him. Eli wants nothing more than to be alone. A fire in town leaves 3 young children without a home and with their only parent in the hospital. Eli and Karlee come together to help the kids and in turn help each other as well.

What happens when Karlee and Eli learn the depths of their connection? Can Karlee help Eli find his way back to God? Can Eli find it in himself to return to the faith that he has known all of his life?

This book is a Christian romance. There is no steamy scenes so if you are looking for erotica I would not suggest this, but if you are looking for a heart warming story that can open your mind and your heart to the thoughts and beliefs of others I highly recommend this book. I am not a religious person as I had mentioned above and reading this book I have had and do have so many of the same thoughts and feelings that Eli did. I truly believe that even if you are not a religious person that this book should still be read, even if only to give some insight into what others do believe.

PS – If you’ve read the Wounded Souls series there are some familiar faces in this book!!


Amanda resides in the lovely state of Louisiana just a short drive from Death Valley aka Baton Rouge. When she isn’t head deep into a book she is spending time either blogging, writing, or being a mommy to two beautiful blonde headed blue eyed babies. Amanda never expected to be a writer, but one day that all changed when she saw a picture of a military man with both of his legs taken from an IED in a war, and that is where her inspiration came for her very first novel Irreparable. With three books already out in the series she is working on the next as well as a Christian Romance about how to overcome grief and blaming yourself. Contact Amanda, because she loves to hear from her readers!

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