*Cover Reveal / Giveaway* Remembering Phoenix by Randa Lynn

ebookRemembering Phoenix

Randa Lynn

Release Date: March 14, 2016



Life gives, and life takes away.
Charlie McGee knows all too well just how much truth that statement holds.
She was drowning, wasting away from guilt and sadness.
But when she meets Slayter Beck, he becomes the only calm in her ever-present storm.
He’s her light in the darkness. An angel in the midst of her demons.
All she wants to do is remember, and when the weight of that burden becomes too much, she tries giving up. But he won’t let her.
He vows to help her remember.
Remember Phoenix.



Back potrait of beautiful blond curly woman wearing evening peach color gown at lake.Fashionable and glamorous dress with chains.

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beautiful blonde female with red lipstick. Long haired. Pure beauty. Blonde angel. Skincare. Tanned beauty. Bright makeup. Toned in warm summer colours. outdoors shot, horizonta


Randa Lynn is an avid reader and lover of all things romance. She has sketched stories since she could write, and decided to finally pursue her dream in crafting real words from fictional lives. In her spare time she likes to watch movies, craft, and has a slight obsession with memes. Her favorite things are her children and husband, spending weekends at the baseball/softball diamonds, and reading, of course.



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