*Release Blitz / Review* Hearts Ablaze (Hearts on Fire, #1) by Heather Lyn

Hearts Ablaze bannerHearts Ablaze Paperback 3dHearts Ablaze (Hearts on Fire #1)

Author: Heather Lyn

Cover Design: MGBookcovers

Photographer: Allan Spiers

Model: Chase Ketron


In the blink of an eye, Aubrey Steven’s life has been forever changed. Still reeling from the devastating blow, she vows to herself that she will not let anyone in. She will protect herself, even if that means missing out on her one chance at true love.

Noah Davis knows just how precious life is. His job as a firefighter shows him every day that you shouldn’t take life for granted. He thought he was living a full life until he met Aubrey. Now she’s consumed his entire life with one chance meeting.

When Aubrey is pushed to her breaking point, will she push Noah away or will she take comfort in him? Will Noah fight for her and their newfound love. Can he show her that love is worth taking a chance on? Or will they watch their love go up in smoke?

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Kristin 5“I met Noah on the worst day of my life, and it turned out of the best thing to ever happy to me.”

Hearts Ablaze is the debut novel from author Heather Lyn.  I always get a little nervous when reading a brand new author because it’s untested waters. It’s like trying a new restaurant. You never know what you’re getting. This book was amazing! This author was amazing!

Aubrey meets Noah in a bar while out with her roommate and best friend, Kennedy. Aubrey has just been given some devastating news and has zero plans of seeking out a man (for the night or forever).  She knows that her family needs her and that’s where she plans to be.

Noah isn’t seeking out love but can’t help himself when it comes to the beauty across the bar. He is drawn to Aubrey in every way. Deciding that friendship is better than nothing, he sets out of the best friend Aubrey could need. We all know how that goes.

Watch as Noah and Aubrey endure life, loss, and love and battle the ups and downs of life, together.

This book is very very insta-love. I don’t mean that in a bad way by any means, a lot of my favorite authors write insta-love stories (Kelly Elliott, KC Lynn, Kaylee Ryan, Molly McLain etc), I only say this because if you are looking for something super angsty this is not the novel for you.

“Make sure you love fiercely, baby. Make sure you tell Noah every day just how much you love him. Cherish each other. And never forget how much I love you.”


13413081_1365115686838738_5019970046307715514_nmeetauthor13221630_1352041558146151_6508280863213564414_nI have loved books for as long as I can remember. And I have always wanted to be a published author. I am working on my first Contemporary Romance Novel. It will be the first standalone in a series of 4 books. I can’t wait to share them with you! 🙂

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