*Blog Tour / Review / Giveaway* Protecting Her Six by Trinity Rose

Title: Protecting Her Six
Series: Men of Elite Securities #1
Author: Trinity Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 18, 2016
After years of struggling, doors slamming in her face and endless tears Timberlee McNamara bursts on the to Country music scene as one of the hottest rising stars. To celebrate her success, a party is held in her honor, but turns into a night that changes her life.
Brutalized, laying in a hospital bed with no clear recollection of what happened that night, her sister Tamara offers a slice of hope. 
A loner by choice with no family, only the family of brothers he has that were forged out of blood and fire in Afghanistan. 
Now stateside, this brotherhood of Men of Elite Securities are doing jobs that are slightly above the law. 
Hired to protect Timber when the local law can no longer help, he keeps her safe at his cabin. 

Both have their scars to bare, both have reasons to not fall in love, but one thing he will always do is 

Protect Her Six.

 Kristin 4Protecting Her Six is the first book by debut author Trinity Rose.

Timberlee is a budding superstar. With that fame and fortune comes a lot of risk and a lot of shady people. After being attacked by someone that she was supposed to be able to trust, Timber’s sister, Tamara, has Timber placed under protective custody of a private security team.

Elliot has one job. Protect Timber. Falling in love was NOT supposed to happen. Elliot knows the risks involved with getting to personal to a job, but he’s completely at the mercy of his heart here and the heart wants what the heart wants.

This was a great book. I loved the story line and the other characters. I can’t wait to see more from this author and this series!



Jamie Cercone is a mild mannered wife, mother and RN by day. Loved by her husband David and her two children. By night; she’s a naughty, erotica romance writer Trinity Rose. She hoards books, purses, shoes and Urban Decay. She lives with her family in the southern tier of New York





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