*Review Tour* The Exception by Adriana Locke

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Title:  The Exception  

Author:  Adriana Locke

Genre:   Contemporary Romance

Release Day:  September 18th 2014


They say there is an exception to every rule…

Jada Stanley is starting over, refusing to repeat her past mistakes. Everything is going great until she meets Cane Alexander. He is gorgeous, cocky, and everything she needs to avoid.

Cane lives within a set of carefully constructed guidelines to ensure his life remains uncomplicated. When he sets his eyes on Jada, all of his rules are called into question.

As their worlds become intertwined, they find it impossible to stay away from each other. Will they be able to maintain the rules they’ve created to protect their hearts? Or will they make an exception?

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Reviewed by Shera 5 out of 5 Stars!

Well what can I say?   First, the absolutely beautiful cover drew me to this book.  Then when I opened the first page and started reading, I was immediately sucked in and didn’t stop until I finished.   An amazing start for this debut author earns her 5 Stars with a story of hurt, love, loss. happiness and a little suspense. All good things wrapped into one amazing book!   Two words…. Cane Alexander.    One hot  swoonworthy sexy Alpha Male that I promise you will love.

Jada just got out of a bad relationship and recently moved to Arizona to stay with her friend Kari.   Kari has a, well in the beginning who knows what he is, but his name is Max.  He’s a country boy with lots of charm, a smart mouth and I absolutely adore him throughout this story.     Jada was a little broken, hiding what really went on in her marriage with Decker.  She was devastated, embarrassed and would never let anyone know what she really put up with.   It left her feeling worthless and broken.   She only wanted to feel happy, to feel alive…To finally start living again.   She starts working for her father in real estate to get back on her feet.

“I want to feel like the only girl in the world to somebody.   I want to be their priority, their everything.  I don’t know what that feels like”

Cane Alexander, could he be the one who makes Jada feel?   But Cane has rules, he trusts no one, takes responsibility for everything he does in his life and embraces being alone.  “The Coach”, with that cocky alpha male attitude the only person you would think Cane Alexander gives a crap about is his damn self, but as we get to know him you will see Cane isn’t just about Cane.  He is the type of man that walks into a room and commands attention and he sure as hell had mine through this whole book!  He has loved, he has lost and he’s hurt just as much as Jada is.  He has no problem with getting women; it’s him finding one to keep him interested long enough for more than one night in bed.   Cane works in real estate also, which is lucky for him because he’s about to have an IN with Jada and he is surely going to use it to his advantage.

Jada doesn’t fall for Canes sweet talking cocky self…or does she?  She doesn’t want to end up hurt again, and she sees Cane as just the same jerk she’s dealt with most of her life, until he starts to break down…He lets her in, and she sees something no one else sees.  There is something about Jada has Cane all knotted up, he wants her, he’s determined to have her and he vows to never let anyone hurt her.   This strong, beautiful man is falling.  Not everything is rainbows and unicorns though, during the process his past comes back to haunt him and puts Jada right in the middle of the dust storm.  He attempts to shelter her as much as he can, but it is an impossible feat. Cane will stop at nothing to make sure Jada is safe.  Even if that means tilting her world and making her doubt what they have together.

“Once again, I thought my life was headed in the right direction and I feel…I feel like everything has been thrown into a mixer and shaken beyond recognition”

Oh Jada…… It’s not shaken; it’s just stirred hunny with a delicious Cane stick!

This story just flowed effortlessly for me.  The storyline was fantastic and I love how protective both Cane and Max are of Jada.  There is a story there with Max and Kari and I hope we get to hear it one day, but for now, rest assured, you will fall in love with all things Cane Alexander.  Great job to Adriana Locke in this amazing debut novel.  I highly recommend it and even though it certainly does end with closure, I hope that there is more coming Adriana.   You’ve got a gift, keep on using it!

“You are my world.  My Happiness.  My Exception”  

Cane (2)


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