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**Warning: this book contains an additively filthy alpha male who will dampen your panties and own your days and nights. Proceed at your own risk.**

Book 2 in the Filthy Beautiful Lies series.
I never expected to watch Sophie walk away. She was mine. I would own her. She just didn’t know it yet.
New goal: Seal the deal and rock her world so thoroughly she never wanted to
leave again.

Highly sexual and emotionally charged, Filthy Beautiful Love is the provocative conclusion to Filthy Beautiful Lies.


See where it all started in Filthy Beautiful Love

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Reviewed by Shera 5 of 5 Stars!

Filthy Beautiful Love is the conclusion of Colton and Sophie’s story of this series.

“Im tangled up in you. I cant let you go” – Colton

Sophie now knows Colton’s Secret and she runs, she runs far away, infact to another country with her sister. She’s undergone a round of treatment and is feeling somewhat better. Colton is having none of it and hops on a plane with Pace to go halfway around the world just for a chance for Sophie to hear him out.

Sophie does return to California and is battling with the war in her head on what choice to make. She knows the truth, can she continue on with him knowing the truth. Knowing that the man she lives is in a relationship with someone. Can she trust him enough to know that he will do the right thing? Will she stay, or will she go?

“I hate how damaged he is, and Im the only one just understanding the full depth of it in this moment. Hes normally so assured, so demanding, that this tender side of him is completely unexpected” – Sofie

We learn everything Colton, his past, his current and just how much he is willing to give up to show Sophie how much he wants her in his life. He never thought he would find love again, but he’s going to have to work for it especially now that all his cats are out of the bag. Can he open up fully, can he give ALL of him to someone, will he give it to the girl he has fallen madly in love with??

I loved the conclusion of the story and getting closure on their relationship. It was great to get to see more of the other characters, Kylie and especially Pace. Oh Pace has one hot story there and I cannot wait for Filthy Beautiful Lust. That piece of hotness has one steamy story coming im sure. Being is a player and has no trouble getting women, he’s going to have one hell of a time finding one to stay. Then you know we will still have Collins. I’m seriously dying to hear about both of them

The series had moments of laughter, hot sex and total heartbreak all by the end of book one I was feeling raw, during book two it happened again but then was completed, packaged and wrapped up like the perfect present. I loved Colton and Sophie’s story and I cannot wait to hear about his brothers as I am sure they are just as complex as Colton, if not even more so.

Thank you Kendall for not making us wait too long, because you know we were all hanging by a thread dangling like ragdolls after book one. I give the conclusion of their story 5 stars, because I just simply loved both books. These were my first Kendall Ryan books and will certainly not be the last.

Now im lusting over waiting for Filthy Beautiful Lust!!!! Well done!

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