*A Year in Review* Desired Affliction and Deceitful Choices CA Harms

This week we are hosting C.A. Harms 2016 Yearbook! Revisiting all the novels that she published this year. Day 2 we take a look back at Desired Affliction Series (Toxic, Conquer, Risk, and Sinful) and a look at Deceitful Choices…


Title: Deceitful Choices
Contemporary Standalone

Some lies you just can’t come back from.

The damage is too deep.
The effects are too strong, and the path they lead you on can be devastating.
One lie only led to another as Lindsay tried to be someone she wasn’t. She wanted just one moment to pretend she didn’t live the life she had been cursed with.
She wanted to live without regret.
Live for the moment.
She wanted to laugh and smile without feeling as if at any moment something or someone would corrupt that happiness. But all lies have a way of resurfacing. Those deceitful words can come back to haunt you, leaving you as the one heartbroken and alone.
Zack had taken a trip with a fellow Navy SEAL. Just a weekend away to regroup. Never had he intended to find the girl who would jumpstart his heart.
Only then to destroy it.
But the shattered pieces of his trust weren’t the only things he left behind when he walked away from Lindsay. There was now an innocent life that had been thrown in to the mix.
But Lindsay wasn’t the only one who lied…
The odds were stacked against them. There was someone doing everything they could to keep them apart.
But when the truth is told, and those secrets are revealed, they must decide if they have what it takes…
To survive the deceit.