*Release Blitz/ Review and Giveaway* Sweet Possession by J. Daniels


Title: Sweet Possession
Series: Sweet Addiction #2
Author: J Daniels
 Release Date: September 19, 2014


A sassy, in-your-face baker. A panty-stealing, dirty-talking accountant. And a bathroom quickie that changed their lives forever.

Wedding hook-ups never amount to anything.Unless that hook-up knocks you on your ass.

For Dylan Sparks and Reese Carroll, the big day can’t arrive soon enough. Dylan, stressed to the max from overbearing mothers and last minute preparations, struggles to keep her sanity. As for Reese, he’s fighting to not only keep his bride-to-be safe from creepy investors, but also to make it to the actual wedding day without losing his mind in the process.

Throw in a crazy group of friends, and a bachelor/bachelorette party weekend getaway, and you have a recipe for the sweetest wedding of the year.

Reese Carroll and Dylan Sparks cordially invite you to read Sweet Possession.

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Reviewed by Ashley 4.5 of 5 Stars

Dylan Sparks and Reese Carroll met in Sweet Addiction at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding where they had an extremely hot wedding hook-up. This is the continuation of their story, so if you have not yet had the chance to read Sweet Addiction then you need to crawl out of the rock you have been living under and get on that. Honestly, you will not be disappointed.

I loved how Dylan and Reese’s story came together in the first book and I could not wait to see where their relationship went. With that being said, I would like my own Reese Carroll, like yesterday. He does so much for Dylan to make her know how much he loves her and is thinking about her. He is just totally swoon-worthy. Dylan, is her usual comical self. Especially when she is put on a restricted diet to fit into her wedding gown, you can’t help but laugh with her.

“And I don’t say ‘no’ to cupcakes. Ever. They are my go-to treat, the thing I’d request as my last meal if I were on death row. The one dessert I’d cut a bitch for, and they were off limits.”

As much as their story came together, no relationship is without its bumps in the road, and the same is true for Dylan and Reese. Will they be able to overcome these obstacles and become a stronger couple, or will they never make it to the alter?

“It’s supposed to be a one-and-done deal. A shake of hands and saying how nice it was to make each other come before walking away.”

I LOVED this conclusion of this series. It was nice to see the development of Dylan and Reese’s connection especially with all of their friends around. Can I please have Joey as a best friend? Please? The only thing I wished for was maybe a little more drama? I felt as though everything that happened was more so behind the scenes and I would have loved to have seen it through Reese’s eyes and his point of view. Besides that, I definitely give  book 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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