*Blog Tour / Review / Giveaway* Guiding Lights by Jessica Florence

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He sings of suffering. His eyes hold the pain of living in sorrow.
The moment our gaze meets recognition flares within.
We are tortured souls drifting in a sea of darkness.
He knows I have secrets that I’ll never tell.
I am numb
I am broken
I am dirty
I can never be the guiding light through the darkness he thinks I am.
I have forsaken my past, I rely on keeping myself shut off.
But he has secrets too, secrets that would destroy everything I have left.
I wish things were different, that maybe we could be each other’s lifeline.
But destiny drags us down like an anchor.
The broken can only drift in the sea barely staying afloat.
 Guiding Lights by Jessica Florence is a sweet book with tons of romance, suspense and laughter set in Durness, Scotland
I really enjoyed this book. Wolfe… He is just a holy HOT Scottish of a MAN. He’s got secrets that land him at the B&B for some much needed time away. He visits a lot when he needs to get away from his everyday “life”. He keeps his secrets close and he has a few. He’s got broken pieces and so does Nera which sets up on heck of a story.

“I’ve lost sight of life. Everyday I’ve felt like I was just drifting in the ocean. Barely able tae stay above. “ ~ Wolfe

Nera is running from a horrible past which is still very much a possibility to return in her future. Seven years now and she finds herself working at a local pub and staying at the B&B. As soon as she met Wolfe, she is instantly attracted to him but with the fear she constantly lives in, she knows she can never stay in one place too long. Even with the attraction she feels to Wolfe she does her best to keep him at arms-length. One problem….Wolfe isn’t going to let that happen even if he had to chase her no matter where she went.

“This can’t be more than what it is now. I’m broken, and I won’t ever be anything more.” ~Nera

Ahhhhhh sweet Nera you can and will be so much more!!

I loved this story. It was sweet, sexy, and mysterious! A great read that I couldn’t put it down. Watching Wolfe break through Nera’s walls made me melt. The man is so sweet, kind and caring.

“Maybe a broken soul could only be with another broken soul”

4 Stars for Guiding Lights…. Everyone needs a special light in their life to guide them, you are lucky if you find one. Hold on to it, don’t let it burn out. Let it shine the way to your happiness, your future, your forever. Copy provided for honest review- Shera

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