*Excerpt Reveal* Until (Iron Orchids #5) by Danielle Norman


Until by Danielle Norman goes live on January 22nd!




“What happens in Vegas? Well, in Danielle Norman’s Until, it’s a whole lot of steamy, sexy, sassy fun in this absolutely delicious rom-com with a taboo (sort of!) twist! An absolute winner!”

New York Times bestselling author J. Kenner

The gang returns…

I’m Stella Lang, everyone thinks of me as the sassy one, the one who’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind, but the truth is…I’m scared.

Scared of being rejected.

Scared of having my heart broken all by one man…Tristan Christakos.

He’s a doctor at the hospital where I work.

I’m close to his entire family – his brothers are married to my best friends and his cousin is married to my brother. Interwoven? Yeah…you could say that.

If things didn’t work out between us, a lot of people would be hurt.

So what do you do when there’s sexual tension?

You’re alone in Vegas?

And a life altering secret has landed in your hands?

**Until is the final installment of The Iron Orchids Series but may be read and enjoyed as a standalone contemporary romance / rom-com!




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*Cover Reveal/Giveaway* The Connection (An Exception Novella) by Adriana Locke

The Connection Ebook

The Connection

Adriana Locke

Release Dated: June 26, 2015




He was the bad boy she didn’t need.
She was the exception to his rules.

When Jada Stanley and Cane Alexander met, it was lust at first site. As much as they fought it, it became so much more.

Now that they’ve stopped fighting it and made their own rules, a little respite is needed. Las Vegas is the destination of choice.

Despite what they say, not everything that happens in Vegas stays there.

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*Blog Tour and Review* Sinfully by Leighton Riley

Title: Sinfully
Author: Leighton Riley
Release Date: June 8, 2014
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She played the game by her own rules…until he changed them…

Payton wrote a self-published book regaling her encounters with men while visiting Las Vegas. To her horror, life changes in more ways than one when someone finds out her true identity.

Ryder, a successful publisher, is determined to find and sign Reece Edwards. Using what little information he can find on her, he sets out to find her, feeling it will definitely be worth the chase.

While on his search for Reece, Ryder meets Payton and the chemistry is explosive. Payton has done well with not allowing anyone to get close to her, but something is different with Ryder. Ryder can’t get Payton out of his head, but he is still on his mission to locate Reece.

With two tragic pasts, Payton and Ryder each have demons to overcome. Will they be able to put those demons to rest or will it be all for nothing?

ReviewShera’s Review 4 of 5 Stars

Sinfully is Leighton’s debut novel and she surely doesn’t disappoint.  Told in alternate POV’s (which I love BTW) the two main characters are Ryder and Payton.

Ryder is very intriguing.  He is a successful publisher and always wants the next big thing. He is very determined to get her signed with his publishing firm, her being Reese Edwards.  She sort of blows him off by never responding but that doesn’t stop him he makes a trip to go find her.

Payton is a self-published author.  Had a horrible childhood and doesn’t let anyone get close.  She is totally likeable and you can seriously relate to her.  She is a tough cookie, very stubborn but that doesn’t leave her less vulnerable.  She makes a lot of trips to Sin City (Vegas) to get what she needs, which is a lot of sex with men she will never see again.  She decided to write about her encounters using a pen name and assumed she would remain anonymous, but someone knows who she is… and they make sure she knows they are watching by sending her letters!

Ryder and Payton meet up at a kickboxing class.  Like normal people do after breaking a sweat they went to Starbucks (totally just defeated the purpose there lol) There is an instant connection between the two and they continue to see each other which is totally NOT what Patyon does.


The chemistry by Ryder and Payton is seriously intense.  HAWT ! You may be fanning yourself more than once.  If you are looking for a hot read, some drama and a whole lotta steam then pick this book up.   You would never know this was a debut novel from the storyline to the actual writing itself. Looking forward to the next book!!   4 of 5 stars from me!


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