*Release Blitz / Review/ Giveaway* Some Sort of Love by Melanie Harlow



Title: Some Sort of Love
Series: Happy Crazy Love #3
 Author: Melanie Harlow
Genre: Contemporary Romance
  Release Date: February 9, 2016


On the surface, I have it all—a career I adore, a loving family, the Nixon metabolism but not the Nixon ears, and a salary that supports my lavish taste in designer shoes, fine wine, and lacy lingerie…but I have no one to share it with.Until the day I run into him—my one night stand from college with the cocky smile, let’s-get-out-of-here eyes, and dirty, dirty mouth.

Levi Brooks is six feet four inches of hot bearded fantasy. A sexy single dad with broad shoulders, strong hands, and a fantastically big…heart. (I mean, it’s massive. And generous. And it pumps so hard… um. Sorry. Lost my place.)

But he lives for his son, and he’s keeping me at a distance because he thinks I deserve someone better—a man who can give me more time, more attention, more of himself. He doesn’t believe he could ever be enough.

But he’s wrong.

He’s everything.



Some Sort of Love is this third book in the Happy, Crazy, Love, Series. This book follows Jillian and Levi. Melanie Harlow continues to deliver exceptionally written, deliriously Happy, brilliantly Crazy, seriously sexy Love stories to us. The title of this series is certainly appropriately named!

I really hope as you read this, that you’ve taken the time to read Some Sort of Happy ( Skylar and Sebastian ) and Some Sort of Crazy ( Natalie and Miles ) the first two books in this series. These books are phenomenal, the characters will grip your hand and take you on a glorious ride and of course Some Sort of Love is no different.

I won’t go into story details. Just know that you will fall in love with Levi and Jillian’s story. Beautiful, endearing, smart, sexy, pull at your heart-strings and all-consuming. <- THAT is their story. One you MUST read.

Let me tell you why I simply adore this author. She has the ability to write about, well anything. She has the ability to make you laugh, cry, have your heart beating out of your chest and fall head over heels with any character she presents to you. I’ve read many of her books but the Happy, Crazy, Love series was on a completely different level. Her others were great, but these. These are just phenomenal. It’s one of those series that you’ll read and probably read it again at some point. These characters while they all have completely different stories to tell, one thing remains the same. Consistency. Melanie Harlow’s consistency with her writing is bar none. There are so many words that I associate with this author. Amazing, talented, consistent, crisp and eloquent. I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Her books are amazing and I think you should pick them all up.

Melanie Harlow is unstoppable. Her books are absolutely unputdownable, simply delicious, devourable morsels of all out greatness! I can’t get enough of these characters or this author! I am in LOVE with this series.

This deserves way more than 5 Stars! Shera – Book Lovers Obsession Book Blog

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